Visa® Credit Card Balance Transfer Special

Don't let high rates take you for a ride.

for 24 months and no balance transfer fees.

How to transfer your balance:

  • Online using Credit Card Access or
  • Call 800-654-7728 

Don’t have a TFCU Platinum Visa® Card?

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. The promotional 1.99% APR applies to balance transfers made from January 1 through March 31, 2020. Length of the 1.99% APR will be for 24 months from the date of the balance transfer. After the 24-month period ends, the 1.99% APR will revert to your regular APR. Repayment is subject to the regular terms and monthly minimum for your card. For example, a balance of $10,000 will have a monthly payment of $300. Balance transfers are excluded from earning REWARD™ points. The promotion and special rate do not apply to new purchases or cash advances, or to any transaction involving payment of an existing Transportation FCU loan.


VISA Platinum Credit Card Rates & Fees (Last Modified: Jan 02, 2020)

VISA Platinum CardsInterest Rates and Interest Charges:
for Purchases
VISA Platinum Rewards - 11.90% - 17.90% (1)
VISA Platinum - 8.90% - 16.90% (1)
VISA Platinum Share Secure Non-Rewards - 8.90% - 16.90% (1)
for Balance Transfers
VISA Platinum Rewards - 11.90% - 17.90% (1)
VISA Platinum - 8.90% - 16.90% (1)
VISA Platinum Share Secure - 8.90% - 16.90% (1)
for Cash Advances
VISA Platinum Rewards - 11.90% - 17.90%(1)
VISA Platinum - 8.90% - 16.90%(1)
VISA Platinum Share Secured - 8.90% - 16.90%(1)
Penalty APR and When it AppliesUp to 2.00% above your Annual Percentage Rate.
This APR may be applied to your account if you are 60 days past due in making a payment.

How Long Will the Penalty APR Apply? The Penalty APR will apply until you make six consecutive minimum payments when due.
How to Avoid Paying InterestYour due date is at least 25 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge interest on purchases made with your VISA Platinum or VISA Platinum Rewards card if you pay for your entire balance by the due date each month. Interest is charged on all cash advances and balance transfers, and on all VISA Platinum Share Secured transactions, beginning on the transaction date.
Minimum Interest Charge$0.50
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