Make a Loan Payment

Online Loan Payments – This service is offered as an added convenience for members who want to make a loan payment from another financial institution. Payments can be made by ACH or debit card to any TFCU loan except Mortgage, Credit Card, and Student Choice Loan.

Important Information about this Service:

  • A non-refundable convenience fee of $4.95 is assessed by ProPay, a third-party service provider, to securely process online payments to your Transportation FCU loan.
  • A minimum payment of $1 is required to use this service. The maximum transaction amount is $3,000 or the pay-off amount, whichever is smaller.
  • This service is available 24/7. Payments made outside of business hours or on weekends or holidays will be effective the next business day.
  • Payments will be effective only after the transaction has been validated.
  • Any disputed transaction or returned item will result in payment reversal from your loan and may result in additional fees. Please refer to your Service Fee schedule.


Account Access - Make payments by transferring funds from your TFCU account to your loan accounts using Account Access or Mobile Access (except Mortgage and Student Choice loan payments). This service is free of charge and requires that the loan account and payment account be under the same account number.

Automatic Payment - Automatic drafting is an easy, hassle-free way to handle your monthly loan payments. Just set it up once and deductions will be made automatically on the day of the month you indicate.

Other Payment Options – You can also send your loan payment by mail or visit a Transportation FCU Branch to make a loan payment in-person.

Questions? Please call our Member Service Center at 202-366-9400 or 800-368-8432.