Smart Money Management

There’s no better time for learning than when you are young. That’s why children attend school, join youth programs, play
sports and learn smart money management. These things prepare us for happy and successful lives. Almost everywhere we
go and everything we do involves money. So early in life is the best time to learn about it – how to share it, how to save it and
how to spend it wisely.

Start early with these three basic money management steps. Example, when your child receives a $50 birthday gift – set up
these three ideas to get them on the right track:

  • SHARE 10% (gifts for friends or donate to charity)
  • SAVE 40% (A TFCU Johnny Appleseed Club Account is perfect to start savings for the future.)
  • SPEND 50% (to purchase something special that they want)

Give the gift of sharing, saving and spending with a Johnny Appleseed Jr. Ecology and Savings Club Account to a child or
grandchild to get them started in the right direction.