Prepare for landingPrepare

Just getting started in your career? Planning the next big step? TFCU will help make sure you’re informed and prepared, with information and advice you can trust.

Everything starts with your Share Savings account

Opening a share savings account with a $5 minimum deposit establishes your membership and ownership at TFCU. You must be a member in your own right to vote, hold office, or have an individual account.

The path to borrowing

Deciding to borrow money is an important decision. Loans can make it possible for you to buy your first home, drive a new car, or pay for college tuition. Borrowing also carries responsibilities so it’s important to know how to borrow wisely.

  • Know what your credit report contains – you can get an annual free copy of your credit report at
  • Understand your loan options in order to make an informed and financially sound decision.

Smart Choice Loan Program

Life is full of financial emergencies, and at times, we all may need a little help to make it past financial obstacles. When unexpected financial emergencies arise, are you considering the options that are best for you and how it will affect your long-term financial health?

Smart Choice loan program is designed with that in mind - to help you with your immediate, short-term financial needs.

  • A low, fixed rate and longer term options to help make repayments more manageable
  • Access to a confidential financial counseling and personal finance education program.
To Qualify
  • Must be a member in good standing for 90 days, including being current on all loans with TFCU, and at least 18 years of age
  • No more than 3 loans in any rolling six-month period for any borrower
  • 100% credit check
  • TFCU loan limits apply
  • Direct Payroll deposit required
Loan Repayment
  • Automatic payments are encouraged
  • The loan must be paid in full before another loan is extended
  • Regulations prohibit rolling over this loan
  • Short-term repayment options



Financial education is available to all borrowers, and may be required for borrowers seeking second Smart Choice loan. Less expensive financing options are available at the Credit Union.

Note: Smart Choice application fee of $20.00 applies to all requests. Smart Choice application fee is not refundable, and applies regardless of whether credit is extended.

Life's JourneyKnow before you go

Be well informed and prepared to tackle the road ahead.

  • Educational workshops and seminars will help you get the big picture and ready for life’s challenges. We offer seminars periodically on various topics.
  • Online mini education courses to brush up on anything from managing your money, checking account, credit report review, identity theft solutions and many more are available.


These e-courses are designed to expand your financial knowledge in a fun and engaging way.

Financial Games

Financial Games

Give your financial knowledge a workout with these financial games.



Register today for a free financial webinar presented by one of GreenPath's education professionals.


Free one-on-one guidance from a trained money management counselor is available for TFCU members to get help in understanding their options and making critical decisions.

Your Credit Union is here to help. To discuss your particular situation or any of the programs, please contact us at 202-366-9400 or 800-368-8432 and select option 2 or stop by your nearest branch .

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Turn to us to discuss the best options for your needs. We’ll set you on the right path whether it’s saving, borrowing, or overall financial security. Contact us anytime.